Welcome to the Reading Success Center!

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

My name is Tammy Becker. I am a mom, an educator and a lover of all things literacy. I began my journey to create the Center before I even knew it. In 2005, I was attending the University of New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina changed all of our lives forever. It was my last semester and I was preparing to do my student teaching at a local school. Katrina had other plans. My family and I ended up in Meridian, Mississippi and I was determined to still finish my degree. Mississippi State University offered to partner with UNO and allow me to finish my requirements in Mississippi. I earned my bachelor's in elementary education in December of 2005.

After a short time in Meridian, we quickly realized our hearts were still in NOLA and came home to be part of the rebuilding. I excitedly took my first job as a teacher! Soon after that my two sons were born. When my oldest son was almost two, I realized he was not making the same progress as other children. He was diagnosed with Autism. His younger brother soon followed the same path. With two boys diagnosed with Autism, even with my degree, I had very little knowledge of how to teach them. They were both completely nonverbal until they were four. I took a year off and went back to school to get my master's in Special Education.

When I entered the school system again, I had the experience of being a parent and a teacher of children with disabilities. Having these experiences gave me an invaluable perspective of the struggles of both the parents and the teachers. This experience changed the way I approached education and I realized I could no longer be part of school systems that continued to deny students what they needed.

Thus, the RSC was created! The center was started with students in mind. I wanted to create a low-cost solution to meet the needs of all parents and students. It was imperative to me that we provide the same high-quality education to students from all economic backgrounds. In 2016, I started the Center in my living room with one client. We have since grown quite a bit and now offer reading, writing and math. We also offer advocacy services, homework help and hold special literacy events. We hope that we can provide the best services possible, at the lowest cost possible to make every student successful!

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